By Save Andaman from Coal Network
A report titled “Krabi Goes Green” was presented by academics and researchers on the Rainbow Warrior ship anchored in Krabi, Thailand. The report outlines a plan for Krabi Province to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2026 through modern biomass, biogas, solar, wind, and mini-hydropower managed under a smart grid. The groups are calling on policymakers to make this transition a reality and lead the way towards a sustainable future.

For too long, the people of Krabi and Andaman have lived in fear, consumed by the battle to preserve their natural environment from the government’s insidious plans to erect a coal power plant on their land. For years, they have suffered, facing a military regime that seemed impenetrable, with security forces breathing down their necks, monitoring their every move.

But the people of Krabi refused to surrender. They stood up, fighting for their land and their future. They marched, they protested, and they refused to be silenced. They demanded the truth, and they demanded justice.

The spark that ignited the fire was the “die-in” protest in front of the Ministry of Tourism, a bold and dramatic display that sent shockwaves throughout the country. From there, the movement gained momentum, with more and more people joining in, from the 14-day fast to the occupation of Government House. But even as they faced arrest and detention, the people of Krabi and Andaman refused to back down.

Their tenacity paid off. Their calls for a strategic environmental assessment were heard, and the results were clear: coal had no place in Southern Thailand. With that victory, the people of Krabi and Andaman were able to protect their land from the insidious threat of coal.

But their fight is not over. They are determined to make Krabi a model city for the world, a shining example of sustainability and eco-friendliness. They will continue to promote renewable energy, eco-tourism, and other initiatives that promote equitable distribution and long-term growth.

They are grateful for the support they received, from their fellow citizens in the southern region, from Bangkok, and from international partners. They know that their fight was not just for Krabi but for the entire world.

Today, Krabi is protected from coal, and the people of Krabi and Andaman can look to a future that is bright and hopeful. They have shown the power of people coming together to fight for what is right, and they have created a space where citizens can influence public policy. They have written history together, and the next chapter will be even greater as they continue to build Krabi Go Green, a beacon of hope for the planet.

Save Andaman from Coal Network